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Photo contest

03-09-2022 t/m 01-10-2022

The annual photo contest is back! (Starts 01-09-2022)

Stick out your tongue!
The annual photo contest is back! This year we are looking for the nicest / most beautiful / funniest of your pet with the above theme.
Whether it's licking beards through the offered cookie, licking the surface or actually sticking out the tongue! All photos with an actual tongue in the photo are eligible to participate. Take a nice picture of it and have a chance to win great prizes and of course eternal fame!

- 1st prize: € 125,-* and 3 months of Hill's nutrition
- 2nd prize: € 100.-* and 2 months of Hill's nutrition
- 3rd prize: € 75,-* and 1 month of Hill's nutrition
(* Free to spend at Veterinary Clinic de Wetering)

To participate, send the photo of at least 1 Mb by email to with the subject 'photo competition'. We will then post these on our Facebook page (photos that have not been posted by us will not participate in the participation) and we will hang a printed version in the waiting room at the practice. Anyone can participate, you don't have to be a customer. However, we do not send prizes, these can only be collected at the counter.

To win:

All employees of the clinic vote for the photos, these count for 50% of the votes. The other 50% is determined by votes/likes on the photos via our Facebook page. So let everyone vote for your photo! The prizes are not exchangeable for cash. The photos can be submitted until Friday 30 September 2022. The results will be announced on Animal Day, Tuesday 4 October! The winner will be notified by phone or email.

All animals that are placed/forced in an animal-unfriendly position for the photo are excluded from participation. This is at the discretion of Veterinary Clinic de Wetering. The pets of employees of Dierenkliniek de Wetering are excluded from participation. The results are not open to discussion.