Important Notice


Discount on selected ticks and flea products.

23-06-2020 t/m 31-08-2020

Second packaging half price on the following means

Simparica tablets (including against fleas and ticks).
Vectra 3 d (among others against fleas, ticks, sand flies, heartworm) 

Stronghold plus (including against fleas and ticks, roundworms)
Vectra Felis (only against fleas)
Bravecto small cat (1.6-2.7 kg) (fleas and ticks)
Bravecto big cat (6.22-12.5 kg) (fleas and ticks)

Bravecto duo pipette (2 in 1 box) 2.8-6.25 kg

(Bravecto dog and Bravecto 1 pipette cat 2.8-6.25 kg is  NOT on offer.