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Dorine Korthagen Veterinary assistant


My name is Dorine Korthagen and I live on a houseboat in Amsterdam-Noord.
As a little girl I was dead to dogs and cats and would rather cross a busy street than walk past a dog or cat. My parents actually thought this was crazy and decided to take a dog and later a cat so that I would get used to animals. Since then I have loved dogs and cats and since I have always had at least 1 dog or cat. Actually, I also wanted to become a fairly young veterinary assistant, but the thoughts on operations and animals that had to fall asleep stopped me. But at the age of 40, after 20 years of working in the office, I decided to follow the training for veterinary assistant. After my training and combined internship / work period at another veterinarian, I have been working at this practice since February 2003.
I love it (if there is time) to cuddle with the cats or dogs in the recording or just to have an encouraging chat. I also like to make this encouraging or just pleasant chat with their owners.
Working at the Wetering Veterinary Clinic is very nice because the atmosphere here is great and everyone is very friendly with each other, the animals and the customers.
Probably that is the reason that most people have been working here for so long. See you in practice.