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Martine Oosterbaan-Sta van Uiter Veterinary assistant

Hello, my name is Martine Oosterbaan - Sta van Uiter.
I was born in 1969 in Monnickendam, I still live there with my husband, children and pets.

I started working as a veterinary assistant in 1991, then I took the veterinary assistant course at the LOI. I have been fond of animals since I was a child. It started when I was 5 years old and there were 2 ponies close to my parental home where I could sit on occasionally.
Soon after, I started riding lessons and when I was 11 I had my own pony, riding is still a hobby of mine. In the past I have had mice, desert rats, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits. Now my herd consists of 2 dogs (flat-coated retrievers that I have had a litter with a number of times), 2 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs and a terrarium with 3 leopard geckos.

In the fall of 2014 I started following a "cat grooming" course and I am allowed to work alongside Jacqueline in the care of cat fur.

We look forward to seeing you at the clinic.